The highly anticipated, Tony award winning, musical Hamilton made its recent debut in London earlier this month. Heaves of people turned up to the first of the previews on December 6th, some eager fans came in costume of their favourite characters, others brought merch in the hope to get them signed after the show by the man who wrote the musical, Lin-Manuel Miranda.  

Since the musical's first debut in America back in 2015, the show has continued without fail to impress audiences who've travelled far and wide to experience Lin-Manuel Miranda's pure genius for three hours. Audiences go into this musical already knowing the lyrics, the words of the impressive forty-seven songs drive this piece of theatrical work, with comedy and sadness weaved into them, one leaves the theatre with a deeper love for Hamilton.  

The first ever performance of the West End version was outstanding, the cast was phenomenal, with Jamael Westman starring as Alexander Hamilton himself and Giles Terera as Hamilton's ally-turned-enemy Aaron Burr. Their performance was incredibly memorable and by the time the play came to a close, the audience was reduced to tears. It is incredibly clear why tickets for this musical sell out rather quickly, the atmosphere that was created was phenomenal, it leaves audience members with an unforgettable experience of being at the theatre.  

You may not have a love for history, but with Lin-Manuel Miranda's Hamilton it's hard not to. The mash of political history and musical theatre is wonderful, it works perfectly well and you will come out of the Victoria Palace Theatre obsessed with the life of "the Ten Dollar Founding Father". Like Lin-Manuel Miranda has said, "Hamilton is an insane idea, but the story works", and he isn't wrong.