On the 30th of December, a large fire broke out in Manchester city centre block of flats.

The fire service has said that it started on the ninth floor of a 20-storey block near the Arndale shopping centre, before spreading to other floors.

A spokesman has told us that only one person has been taken to hospital due to smoke inhalation and that the fire was under control. It has been put out now.

12 fire engines were sent to the scene of the fire and people have been advised to stay clear and avoid the accident.

First-hand witnesses have said that there was "lots of smoke and debris", "There were groups of people congregating on street corners looking up at a tower block and I saw a building ablaze... and flames licking up the side of the building.The flames kept going up the side of the building - it was pretty horrifying." and he has also said fire engines had arrived "in quick succession" and people applauded the crews for "doing a heroic job".

Andrew Hirst, 36, said cheering could be heard as fire crews put out the blaze.

He said: "You could hear the crowd's cheers as it was going down and you could see the torches from the firemen searching the burned-out apartments right next door to the other apartments that were still frighteningly ablaze."

Earlier today the fire service has tweeted that the fire was "well under control" and the also congratulated the emergency services, including police and paramedics, had done an "amazing job".

Thankfully those involved had no major injuries and the block of flats did not turn out like the Grenfell towers tragedy.