As young people, we tend to get sucked into the nirvana of OUR world: OUR life, OUR needs. However, sometimes, you notice other parts of society and that the world is bigger than you think.

The elderly are some of the people that some young people don’t stop to think twice about. Every Fridays, a group of elderly women take a break from their lives to get together and simply knit at the Greenford Library. By doing so, the women quote, “it allows them to enjoy the company of others like us.” The women also have a weekly baking rota where everyone contributes a piece of artisan, sugary delights for the group.


Why do you enjoy having these weekly get-togethers?

“Sometimes it’s nice to just enjoy yourself by doing something you enjoy with company you enjoy having. It also allows us to get out more and have yummy food!”

Who is the person that influenced your life the most?

“Definitely my mum has had a great impact on me. Growing up was exceptionally difficult what with my dad not being around until I was 18, living in a poor dangerous neighbourhood and having seven brothers and sisters. It was tough for me but it was even tougher for a single working mum. But, somehow, she raised us better than anyone with a big smile and nothing but pure strength, kindness and style. She inspired me to raise my children that way too.”

What are the most important life lessons you’ve learnt?

“That people will hurt you. Intentionally or unintentionally, a person hurting you is inevitable. However, staying kind and charming to everyone is the best weapon and always pays off. Always.”


By Shamima Islam, William Perkin CofE High School