Christmas. What really is Christmas? How is it perceived by society? For the majority of us, Christmas is a special time of the year full of celebrations and laughter. Once the month of December kicks in we begin the endless countdown to "The Big Day" - whether that be with an advent calendar or a younger sibling reminding you how many days left every single morning. Many feel that over recent years Christmas has become commercialized in which all we seem to care about is receiving gifts. Is this really true?So what really is Christmas?

Christmas is about being surrounded by family, friends and your most loved ones; it helps us to appreciate the little things in life. When you see people  on the street in the dead, wintry cold you can't bear to imagine the hardships they may possibly be going through and how life could be so much better for them if they could just have access to a warm meal in hand and a shelter over their head. Christmas enables us to realize that we are all guilty sometimes at taking things for granted. Although exchanging gifts is traditional, the reason we do give gifts is to honor the person we are giving the gift to. By giving gifts to family and friends you are essentially showing them that they are a gift in your life. By singing carols, we are igniting the joy in our heats and getting ourselves in the Christmas spirit. Christmas dinner is eaten because when you're sitting around the table surrounded by the ones you cherish the most you realize at that moment that there's no place you'd rather be than there.

Hopefully everyone had a blessed Christmas