'Everything today is thoroughly musical...'

  Musical theater at the Bromley Youth Music Trust has again managed to wow its audiences with an outstanding show by its talented performers. Over the ten years of musical theater there, the shows have never ceased to impress, and so the cast of the most recent show, 'Thoroughly Modern Millie,' have divulged in its delights and why “they just keep getting better.”  

  The entire cast was unanimous in saying BYMT has taught them the skills required for performing with confidence. Cast member Josh stated that his “singing and dancing has most definitely improved by leaps and bounds,” and that BYMT has taught him “ a lot of important vocal skills.”     

  Arguably the best aspect of all is the community spirit. Isabelle described the impact this has had on her: “I feel so glad that I joined BYMT as it's really improved me as a performer in many ways. Joining musical theater has given me experiences I will never forget.”     

  In ten years, the company has grown from holding low budget performances in the BYMT hall with “hay barrels and bin bags” for props, to lavish productions at local theaters. The sellout performances and positive public feedback clearly convey that the shows “keep getting better and better.”     

  The cast are currently rehearsing for Oliver, which will be held at the Langly Boys center of performing arts in May, and are hopeful that their hard work will have their audiences wanting 'more.'