Unfortunately, Christmas is now coming to an end. However, many of us are still in the Christmas spirt. The perfect remedy for the itch you have to carry on Christmas is simple, go to Winter Wonderland! With its breath-taking light’s, thrilling rides, and delicious foods it’s baffling how you haven’t already gone! It has an ice rink that is labelled as the largest outdoor ice rink in the uk, an observation wheel where you can take in the amazing sights of the whole park, two circuses, a magical ice kingdom, and themed bars. There is something for everyone of different ages to enjoy.

It is free to enter and is open at 10am-10pm. As there are over 100,000 lights across the whole park, you should definitely plan your trip at a time to be able to see them. Not only will you make many memories, try new things, and eat fantastic food, but you will also get some amazing photos to show others! As the park is now on its eleventh year, it has been very developed and they have introduced many new things such as a ride that gives you a 360 view of London and a new bar with karaoke.

Not only that, but on New Years Day there will be a family fun day that everyone can enjoy. There will be a circus skills workshop where children can learn new skills such as juggling and plate spinning. Free entertainment will also be there for the kids to enjoy and observe as they’re blown away by magic and circus acts. Not a single person will walk away from the park without a smile on their face. Enjoy the festivity while it’s still here and take a trip to Winter Wonderland! 

Poppy Wells, Langley Park School For Girls