Who knew that frozen rain falling from the sky above could bring so much awe and wonder to the nation’s capital? Whilst it was common knowledge that the rest of the UK was frequently blessed with this magic dust during the month of December, the people of London had just accepted that, indeed, global warming had taken its toll and there would be no snow. Yet, mother nature never ceases to amaze; that day was no exception. 

Waking that morning, hearing the playful shouts of children outside, feeling the chillingly still air around, I snuck a glance out of my window. This, I imagine, was the path many Londoners took that morning. The path, of course, to reaching pure bliss and enlightenment - if only just for a day.

But, why? How can rain be the epitome of the mundane and tedious, whilst its frozen counterpart perfectly characterises the extraordinary? Whatever the reason, the nation’s capital did not fail to profit off this magical occurrence, with snowmen at every turn and snowballs whizzing past your head. 

The day follows a year of extreme weather conditions seen in the numerous hurricanes in America, as well as the countless droughts and floods across South Asia and Africa. Whilst it is understandable to want to enjoy the gift of snow for just a day, it is also important to acknowledge the effects of climate change on a global scale. Simply because the snow thawed the next day in London, does not mean the people of Puerto Rico now have access to electricity and services following their case of extreme weather. 

However, there is no doubt that any instance of snow will be welcomed in the capital, no matter how frequent or impractical. On every single occasion, we will always wish for heaven to rain down on Earth come December time. Such is the beauty of snow.