Comic con was originally a comic book convention however over the recent years have spread into recent and old pop culture and media. This event is held across 4 continents so far including: Oceania, Asia and the Middle East, Europe and the Americas.

The MCM London Comic Con is usually held at the venue ExCeL London, and opens biannually usually on the last weekend in May and October. It holds the main theme of speculative fiction- an umbrella term for genres such as science fiction, fantasy, superhero fiction, supernatural fiction and horror. This pop culture fest has attracted many people through the years it has been running with a record attendance of 133,156 people in May weekend in 2016.

Inside the venue there are an abundance of stalls selling fan goods and merchandise. There are also special acts such as famous actors, authors, illustrators and recently youtubers have been attending. Sometimes blocks of area reserved for gaming tournaments and even a karaoke stage, there is something for everyone!

This popular event gives many opportunities for aspiring artists and writers to promote their works by selling fan goods or original pieces of their own creation- this broadens what the fest has to offer. You cannot talk about comic con without mentioning cosplay. The basis for cosplay or to be a cosplayer is just to dress up as someone or something you like. There are many competitions for cosplayers to enter during the weekend plus it’s always fun to spot and recognise other peoples’ costumes and admire their efforts. The weekend is also a place to meet new people who may share the same interests as you!  Even if it’s only for a few hours, the atmosphere comic con brings is very uplifting and cheerful being in a place where many people share the same obsession.