Over the festive period, christmas markets are crowded and are full of vibrant colours and lights. Many go to these markets to have a stroll around, enjoying the warm food and sometimes find an ice rink in the middle of it all. 

However, some argue that it gets too clustered and busy and it becomes a chaotic scene rather than an treasurable experience. I went to a christmas market on Boxing day and it was really crowded and quite cold. A passerby says that “markets like these bring people of all ages together”. “The only negative is that it sometimes gets too cold and noisy but it is all part of the experience”. 

I remember the first market I went to was just a couple of years ago and it was an experience I will never forget. Even in our school we have christmas fairs, very entertaining and gives an opportunity for students to raise money for charities at this time of the year. 

Christmas markets around the world also give the opportunity to taste local delicacies as I have experienced this christmas in Amsterdam and last christmas in Germany. The freshly made pancakes are spectacular with the sweet smells and tastes.

Markets in London are so beautiful and the warmth of lights and laughter truly brings about the christmas spirit. I can’t imagine christmas without the bustle and the vibrant colours and lights of christmas markets.