London Euston is a central London railway station that has had approximately 120,000 people pass through everyday. It is the fifth-busiest station in Britain. This Christmas London Euston had opened its doors and became a homeless shelter on Christmas Day for 200 people, where 45 volunteers had worked overnight to transform the station with food such as a roast and Christmas pudding and decorations, to make it feel like home.

Christmas can be a hard and a tough time for some people who may have gone through a difficult time such as through poverty, lost a loved one or being homeless. Through this, people are able to come together and not be alone or lonely on Christmas Day.

London Euston is not the only place that has opened its doors for people, such as in Swansea Valley a cafe owner is serving a four-course Christmas dinner for anyone on their own or are homeless. Additionally, in Birmingham a charity is inviting anyone who feels lonely and isolated to have breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Amy from London stated that “these places are good for people who are lonely like myself as it is somewhere for us to go for free food and company rather than sitting at home alone and sad, it gives us the opportunity for us to be come together and be a community.”

These places have spread the Christmas joy and spirit as all types of people can come together and share an experience all together. As well as this, the outcome of these events really helps the people who attended as they are shown they are not alone.

By Sevil Osmanogullari - Eltham Hill School