Christmas is about many things. It is the time of giving, sharing, caring, receiving, family, food, festivity and passing down family traditions and the true meaning of Christmas.

On Christmas morning, children ecstatically rip open their multiple presents and play with them for hours on end, after waiting impatiently for 24 days. On an average, a child receives 16 presents every Christmas. But, what about giving presents?

From an early age children don’t realise, as much, the importance and pleasure of giving gifts to others to make them happy. I believe that the sooner we understand, you get what you give, the kinder, more open hearted and more generous person you will become.

In the Glades, Bromley, there is an opportunity to give a present to a local child and make their Christmas special. The Salvation Army’s ‘gifts from the heart’ appeal is one such excellent example. The process is so simple. You go to the appeal tree, where you are given the name of the child and their age. Then you buy a present and take it back to the service desk at the Christmas tree, where it will be wrapped, collected and delivered to the less fortunate local children.

As a parent, you would want children to have fun, enjoy themselves and make them feel special. However, at a time of caring and sharing it is also important that children are shown the true meaning of Christmas. 

Sanah Suresh