On Thursday the fourteenth of december (2017) fourteen year ten Highest Achieving Pupils (HAPs) were given an insight to college life at Havering Sixth Form as part of a taster day.

The taster day was not exclusive to The Brittons Academy, several other schools local to the college attended however most of the students representing those schools were year eleven.

The day initiated in the lecture hall, the deputy principle and another senior staff member welcomed us and gave us lanyards to identify us as visitors for that day. Each school was given its itinerary and away we all went...

For me, my first 'college lesson' was in a psychology room. Whilst the hour wasnt solely based on psychology and rather debating privacy, there were elements of it which, to me, were fascinating and pushed my thinking!

After this first lesson, we were given a tour of the college lead by a student there. We started in the CUBE (the college's careers and university advice office) and then progressed throughout the college's grounds.

To follow, we had an hour of creative thinking with an english teacher during which we had a lively discourse and thought thorougly about the future of our planet and society based on things we know of now. For example phones and cars, how will they adapt and change? Only time will tell...

Next was a hour of mathematically based thinking during which students calculated the average speed of hair growth and made models of hydrogen and carbon molecules.

The final class hour of the day was history based, we looked at fake news and what it really is and how we can spot it especially as students can be exposed to lots of it on social media platforms; as well as the american civil war and how Trump tried to rewrite it in a recent interview.

The day was very eye opening not only for me as a student but also as a person, the lessons took me out of the classroom and to a new level of high order thinking.

Many thanks to Havering Sixth Form for the invite and experience!