There have recently been growing concerns about the amount of traffic in the Lee Green area. This is obviously a global issue that needs to be combated in local areas first to make a difference. The majority of traffic is said to be coming from Greenwich which is not necessarily true as commuters from all the surrounding areas use Lee Green and its back roads as shortcuts. Due to these "rat-runners", most of the back roads become gridlocked and this then leaves all of the main roads as well as the back roads in a stand still. Dorville Road always seems to be the most affected in the mornings due to being in the middle of two main roads. It is also affected by "rat-runners" and school drop offs as it is the easiest route back to a main road. There are an increasing amount of cars on the roads which causes more air pollution, somewhat affecting society's health and the world that we live in. 

Lewisham council have made a proposal to change which roads can be used at certain times of the day and what roads are accessible from the main roads. LiveLee have said that "The No-Motor-Vehicles restriction will act as a filter to allow pedestrians and cyclists to create a cleaner and safe environment". This would benefit certain roads and reduce the amount of traffic that builds up on the roads. As this proposal would only be a trial, the council are looking for feedback and criticisms so that they know exactly what needs to be improved. This proposal is still a work in progress so may not be implemented for a few years. 

Another concern that was raised at the Lee Green Assembly Meeting was the usefulness of speed humps/cushions on certain roads. Streets which have speed cushions are used by the emergency services as there are gaps in-between each cushion so that it is an easy route to take without having to slow down. However, some residents believe that the roads with speed cushions are not priority roads for the emergency services and they only encourage reckless drivers to speed down the middle of the road. This has led to many Lewisham council residents to want speed cushions removed and changed into full length speed bumps. This would however limit the amount of routes the emergency services could take if necessary. One resident asked "Why does my road have speed cushions as in the twenty years I have lived there, not one emergency service has used my road?". This led to an uproar about the need for more speed bumps to stop speeding and reckless driving.