With Christmas approaching very soon, Farringtons school didn’t want to miss out on celebrating and joining in on the Christmas spirit!

On Saturday 25th November, Farringtons School in Chislehurst transformed into what looked like, a mini Christmas town. The School held a Christmas fair to kick start the holiday season, brighten everyone’s spirits, and prepare for the cheerful days yet to come. There were an array of activities and stalls held at different sites within the school and the stalls displayed a variety of different gifts, Christmas products and Winter items! There was even a raffle to win one of many prizes for offer and the school was flooded with people buzzing round and urging to see all the different parts of the fair and soaking up the exuberant atmosphere!

A personal favourite of mine was the delicious foods, snacks and treats held in the dining hall… especially the chocolate fountain! That was an especially busy room but I never questioned why.

But apart from my love of food there is also something else which is truly special and magical with events like these, they bring communities together. Whether it is pupils or members of staff from this school, or their friends ands and family – anyone and everyone was welcome with open arms. Speaking to a teacher I learned that one year a couple stumbled by the Christmas Fair not knowing that one existed here. They were drawn into the festive atmosphere and were keen to know what was inside. What surprised me the most was that they had no relation to the school in any way. It is the fact that a small event like this one, whether it is in your school or town etc, can unexpectedly reach out to people, put a smile on their face and bring communities together. That to me is one of the true meanings of Christmas.

So overall the Farringtons Christmas fair was yet again another success and Emily Hollands, a fellow goer, summed it up in a way that described the entire day best - “ A great event for everyone and certainly brought the festive fun to Farringtons!”

Raheela Butt – Farringtons School