St. Mary’s Christmas Bazaar or, as it’s been renamed, the Christmas Fayre took place this month between 17th and 18th November and it was huge hit- as usual- as well as being one of Bexley’s biggest events. Raising around £4,000 the Bazaar surely is a hit with the community, with its own Santa, music, tombola’s (I won something at the chocolate tombola!), stalls and food. That’s not the most mind-boggling thing about this event. No, the most mind-boggling thing is that the food was cooked by the church’s own scout group.

Many people were there, and there were lots of smiles around; the children with Santa, adults winning prizes and people dancing to the music. I interviewed bazaar helper, Amelia Mardell about this amazing event. “I found out about the bazaar from my nan, who has worked there for 7 years doing the cakes,” she says, “decorating the cakes was really fun because I want to bake cakes as an adult and I love decorating cakes for my family”. When asked about the best part of the bazaar, her reply was “the whole church community comes together, and it makes a truly wonderful feeling”.

And it’s true. Many people didn’t have complaints about the event, aside from the strange Chinese lantern decorations, donated to the bazaar after a wedding earlier in the year, it’s Christmas, after all. However, the cheerfulness didn’t stop me from asking Amelia’s biggest gripe with the event; “it’s too early in the year, they should make it later in the year- December.”

But why do so many people go to this event? It does get greatly publicised and, to quote Amelia, “It’s local and easy to get to”. It’s perhaps the biggest community event after the turning on of Christmas lights at Bexleyheath.

As it has every year, the bazaar was a great success and I hope it continues to be, it’s a fantastic time of year now and, with everything that goes on in the world, St. Mary’s church helps everyone liven up a little. However, with the vicar having left this summer and the curate leaving at Easter- will the bazaar continue to thrive in this neighbourhood?