As part of the National Theatre's strategic touring program, over 5000 students have already seen Director Justin Audibert's contemporary retelling of William Shakespeare's 'Macbeth', with 15 London State schools and 16 schools in the North of England due to view the production before the GCSE exams next summer.Macbeth was the first tragedy Shakespeare produced in honour of his new Patron, King James I ,who acceded to the throne of England in 1603 following the death of Queen Elizabeth I . 'The Scottish play', as it is superstitiously referred to, deals with the breaking of cultural taboos ,Witchcraft, Regicide,blood lust, treachery and treason, themes which intentionally generated fear in the intended audience. The play predates by 45 years the execution of King Charles I of England (James' son) echoing the biblical tenet that "there is nothing new under the sun".Most recently cited regarding the actions of former Secretary of State for Education Michael Gove and his wife towards their friend Boris Johnson's aspirations in the Conservative Leadership contest in 2016 ,Macbeth has become a byword for overarching political ambition and malign opportunism.

 Plays are created to be watched not read and there is nothing compares to having a studied text brought to life. Coinciding with Shakespeare School Foundation's 2017 festival which saw 30,000 pupils throughout the UK participate in the world's largest youth drama event, 200 Year 11 pupils of the John Roan School got to see the National Theatre's innovative production this November.

 The play is set in a post-apocalyptic Dystopia oozing with potential, the iconic three witches, for example, no longer stare into a cauldron, but a container of what one can only assume contains radioactive substances. The unique setting really makes this performance accessible, plus, Kevin McCready's awesome fight choreography effectively grabs and holds the audience's attention. To a generation used to the enhanced graphics and CGI of video games and movies ,the visceral reality which live theatre provides ,of actually being in the midst of imminent violence or mental fragmentation is unparalleled ,particularly,as in this instance, the percussive drumming expertly paced and augmented the action throughout.The superbly executed fighting was further enhanced by inspired details such as modelling the Scottish pike array known as a schiltron for the advance of Birnam Wood on Dunsinane .Furthermore, having a multi-racial cast greatly enhanced the learning experience for the South East London cohort, as students felt they could more easily identify and relate to the principal characters' motivations.

 Nana Amoo-Gottfried starring for his third time in the titular role lead a stellar cast in this 90 minute performance, though the term 'unforgettable' is much overused, the outstanding calibre of the entire production indelibly etched on those present the wealth of English literature and the wonders of theatre. Audibert has said of his version that he intended it to be "as exciting and visceral as possible, a truly sensory experience", thereby fulfilling the National Theatre's objective of ensuring all young people experience a sense of belonging regarding the Arts .