This is what is happening inside you right now.

In order to grow, our cells must be able to divide that includes our DNA. 


Nearly all the cells in the body contain a nucleus. The nucleus contains all the genetic informational the form of chromosomes. Chromosomes are long, coiled up length of DNA molecules. The body cells normally have 2 copies of each chromosome- this makes the diploid cells. 1 chromosome comes from the organism's "mother's", and 1 comes from its "fathers". When a cell is a divide by mitosis it makes two cells that are identical to the original cell. The nucleus of each new cell contains the same number of chromosomes of the original diploid cell. 

By going through mitosis, it creates the process of the cell cycle. Multicellular organism (e.g. Humans, tigers) use mitosis to grow and replace damaged cells.

some organisms use mitosis to reproduce this is known as asexual reproduction e.g. strawberries.

The 4 main stages of the cell cycle are the:  prophase, metaphase, anaphase and telophase.


in the prophase, the nuclear envelope breaks down. Chromosomes become visible under a microscope.


In the metaphase, the chromosomes line up along the equator (metaphase plate).


In the anaphase chromosomes break down at the centre. Sister chromosomes move to opposites ends of the cells. 


In the telephone, the new nuclear membranes form around the chromosomes. Before the telephone ends the cytoplasm and cell membrane divide into 2 sperate cells.

Did you know any of the information about your body?