You get a phone call speaking of a far way promise land a promise land that offers you a future brighter than you have ever seen. Money for your family is all you worry about. You accept the job and then commute on a cross continent journey to find this promise land.

But when you get there its when the harsh reality hits. You’re bound with ropes; all you claim stripped and bag is thrown over your head.

This is the reality for many sub-Saharan that migrate in search for a better life, many are held hostage in makeshift prisons then sold into the slave market. They are beaten and starved until their families can play the ransom, depending on the skill individual the price will vary. While the women are and children are abused and trafficked. 

If they manage to get to the coast and find a boat, up to 200 are stuffed into a 50 max boat and pushed across the Mediterranean. Many boats don't make it and once they do, they are subjected to more persecution. Over 1000 migrants are rescued every 24 hours from the Mediterranean. They go through unimaginable suffering for a better life for their families. This is one of the largest humanitarian crises

“It will be better they said, provide better they said; now most of the boys I came here with are now dead”. The land of the free, is not he land of their dreams.