It's The Most Wonderful Time Of Year At London's Winter Wonderland

Christmas, everybody’s most favourite time of the year, a time of mince pies, presents and pure happiness. Who doesn’t love Christmas? What better way to celebrate Christmas than with a trip to Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland. Come and celebrate 10 years of this magically festive extravaganza.  

This festively fantastic wonderland began on the 11th November 2007, being introduced by the royal parks and in management with PWR events. We see the royal parks use over 350 acres of festive fun. The park over its 10 years has proven to become very successful with over 2.5 million visitors each year and every year the population of the park is growing and growing. It is home to a number of famous landmarks including the Serpentine Lake, Speakers’ Corner and Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain. Attractions not to be missed such as an ice rink as large as a continent, jaw-droppings shows, a fancy ice bar and of course a humongous Ferris wheel.  

“Like you’re in Germany at Christmas, it was magical, it is a shame it is not open all year round!” – Hannah Nichols. “It’s Britain’s Disneyland, I am so excited to go every year” – Ellie Breslin. “Family orientated, so many fantastic activities and the food is amazing, perfect for children, I loved taking my cousins” – Niamh Barrow.  

As of this year, the park has its grand debut for 2017 on the 17th November at 5pm.  Thereafter the opening times are 10am until 10pm every day, from 18th November until 1st January 2018, excluding Christmas Day when the event is closed. Amazingly it is a free event to enter and have a stroll around, however the attractions and food are not free. It is recommended to enter the event during a week day and bright and early. Trains are easily accessible and local hotels nearby to make your stay more magical. Winter Wonderland is accessible for everyone with disability, as Hyde Park believes everyone should be able to enjoy the festivities.  And of course if you’re in a larger group of more than 20 people, then a 10% discount will be offered, so why not bring your friends along.  

Winter wonderland is special and should be enjoyed by everyone, I remember first visiting when I was 7. I cannot help but forget the smell of warm sugary spicy food, the brightly coloured dazzling right in front of my eyes and the exhilarating rides, it was a Christmas experience I am unable to forget. I was unable to wipe that smile off my face. Why not go and visit this Christmas to the max experience and feel the magic this year at London’s winter wonderland, in Hyde Park. An incredibly Christmassy day for all.  

By Eve McDermott - Hayes School