Festive Fun at Branching Out’s Christmas Market

By Eve McDermott – Hayes School

December, a season of joy and warmth. Do you not just love making your house feel all festive and cosy, do you not get a warm feeling being wrapped up in a warm fuzzy scarf and nothing sells Christmas to you more than a delicious mine pie and mouth-watering mulled wine. Well Branching Out has this for you! A local coffee shop and florist in Beckenham holds an amazing Christmas market on the 16th November from 6pm till 10pm. 4 hours of Christmas magic what more could you want.  

Branching Out’s Christmas market has been running for the past 3 years, this local gem is owned by Emma McDermott and Louise Whelan. Their belief is all local communities should support each other and help their local businesses grow and grow.  This has led their market to selling a variety of products from glitzy pom pom decorations and reefs to glistening candy pops. From moisturising soap and body lotion to trendy fashionable clothes. Branching out has everything you need to get you in the festive spirit. Even the flowers love it!  

“It is essential I go to branching out’s Christmas market, where else would I have my mulled wine and buy my decorations” – a local customer in Beckenham  

“Makes me feel proud to be part of this community when these events happen, brings all of Beckenham together” – citizen of Beckenham 

“A warm and friendly atmosphere with great products available, cannot leave without buying something!” – Ann Gahagan  

Are you wondering where this Christmas spectacular is held? Branching Out is a local coffee shop and florist, meaning pop in any time for a bouquet of your favourite flower or a latte. It is located on 149 Croydon Road, Beckenham. The postcode is BR3 3QH. Local Train station is Elmer’s End, which has large amount of connections into London. Local Bus for Branching Out is the 194. Open 7 days a week, 8am – 5pm and on Sundays until 2pm. It has a wide range of facilities including a variety of food options for those with different food needs and a changing table.     

Why not pop down to the Christmas market at Branching Out today? A festive and heart-warming atmosphere that you will love this Christmas. The supported would very much be appreciated. Emma and Louise hope to see you there! If not then all year round at Branching Out.