How much harm is the Media really causing?

By Eve McDermott – Hayes School

Social Media, Television entertainment and the Internet, everybody of all ages uses it! But, do you really know how much harm it is causing towards you?  Children are living their lives through a screen

How much damage is the media really causing for your child? In this current generation more children are using Ipad’s in school at an early age, is it seen that they’re missing out on the basic skills of reading writing on paper. Everything taught is from the use of laptops. Writing on a piece of paper is seen as a basic skill that all children. Is it fair for school’s to teach them to be hypnotised by technology?

Will children eventually turn into robots!

The danger of social media is brainwashing children at such a young age to become this idealistic version of a human. Girls should wear revealing objectifying clothes, having a ‘summer body’ and smother your face in make up. Girls should be able to enjoy being young and innocent not exposed to the ideology of revealing yourself. For boys they’re being told to be masculine men with six packs and they cannot show the emotion. How is all this pressure put on boys fair to be someone who is idealistically perfect? However, is there such thing as perfect! Children are still so vulnerable and innocent; we are turning them into young adults at such a young age and exposing them to the dangerous world that is the Internet.

64% of people have accepted a request from a stranger.  A stranger is someone you do not know; how do you know who they’re, they could be a drug addict or a murderer, but to you they could perceive themselves as a ‘friend’. The danger you’re putting yourself in by accepting someone you do not know. It not only affects your safety, but your health too. It is proven that 66% of people have difficulty sleeping after using social media.

“Turning off mobile phones and avoiding the Internet can leave people suffering from symptoms similar to those seen in drug addicts trying to go cold turkey”. As you can see social media is having a harmful affect on society who knows what will happen in the future.  

I asked two regular social media users, 15-year-old Niamh Chamberlain who says “I think it’s very hard on today’s society as people feel like they have to live up to expectations to see what they see on social, this could lead to depression or self-harm having a lifelong damaging effect” and Amy Libretto aged 16 “social media is becoming addictive! It is quite dangerous due to the pressure on young people to act and look a certain way”, children are using many celebrities who are self-absorbed as role models is their role models.

Stop the danger! Check your privacy settings, set a time to stop and help eliminate stress from constant interruption and enjoy social media do not let it take over your life.