Orpington lights up at Christmas fair!

Christmas came early for Orpington on Thursday 16th of November, every year Orpington has a light up fair that is funded by town centre businesses and every year more and more people have been attending!

There were lots of exciting things to do there, there was a fun jungle, mirror maze, a merry-go-round, a band, two Ferris wheels and a lot of food stalls!

Although the weather was cold and glum, the band played “Despacito” and the audience sang along creating a warm atmosphere. There were many beautiful smells of food and drink, ranging from tasty Indian curry to cakes and pastry.

“Lively atmosphere and a lot busier than last year, there are also a lot more people. All in all, it is very energetic!”- Food stall owner

“I like the jungle mirror maze, that was my favourite! But I didn’t really like hitting my head in the mirrors.”- Sam, 9

Although the fair was spectacular, it might not have been for the drivers. With a lot of traffic all the way from Nugent, but you could always argue that it was worth it! Many people thought that Christmas came early- “feels like Christmas is here already!”

“The fireworks were amazing, bright and colourful, bringing about lots of festive spirits.”

“I love this sense of community we have in Orpington, it makes being here just that bit better, it makes the atmosphere very cheerful and fun.”

“It’s really amazing how it almost feels as if we’re family most of us knows each other, and if we don’t we quickly become friends. That’s what I love about events like these.”

“I think my food brought people together! The main catalyst for all this excitement came from all the food stalls along the high street!”

A representative of St. Christopher’s said, “it is a wonderful atmosphere, very comfortable, very safe.” This goes to show how the light up fair, not only creates a great atmosphere, but makes others feel safe which I think is what we all need.

This fair happens every year and every year more and more people attend meaning that the community in Orpington grows and expands, spreading happiness and festive joy across Orpington. Next year it is most likely on the 22nd of November, I hope to see you there!

By Daniel Akpan, Farringtons school