The global climate has been changing since time began and will continue to change into the future. However, since around 1950 there has been a dramatic increase in global temperatures. This increase is known as global warming.

The Earth's average temperature has changed over the last 500,000 years. There are times when global climate has interglacial phases (warmer) and times when it has had glacial phases (cooler) when there have been ice ages.

Global warming is caused by the naturally occurring greenhouse gases. This is known as the greenhouse effect. However, humans are contributing to the greenhouse gases this is called enhanced greenhouse gases. The greenhouse gases consist of carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide.

The greenhouse effect is how the greenhouse gases trap the inferred rays from outer space and heat the environment by creating a thick layer around the ozone layer which makes it harder for the infrared rays to be reflected back into space consequently warming the earth. 

Human activity such as driving and burning fossil fuel is producing a large amount of carbon dioxide into our environment. the countries that are most to blame are more economically developed countries such as America and England. America produces 14.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide per person. whereas less economically developed place such as Africa produces 1.1 tonnes per person. however, as America is more economically developed it will have better technology for example cars.  

however, not all of the carbon dioxide is produced by mankind as it is naturally reoccurring in the atmosphere.   

Gases like methane are produced by farting cows, but we have enhanced the methane production by farming cows for food such as hamburgers which we can buy for 99p. 

The UK is unlikely to suffer drastic effects as we are an MEDC. However, LEDC will suffer more as they have poor quality buildings, health care and a lot less money to help prevent disease and disaster. Think about what you can do to reduce the effects of enhanced greenhouse gases. 

In relationship to is climate change happening the answer is yes but we do need some greenhouse gases to prevent a glacial phase.

To reduce your greenhouse gas production you can walk instead of driving and try not to burn wood or have a bonfire.