On the 16th of november eltham high street lit up for eltham lights up this was done in preparation for christmas, but is mid november to early for christmas preparations too early and with each year christmas seeming to start earlier than the year previous it seems it's almost impossible to start celebrating christmas in december even though 86% of people believe christmas starts too early. we must ask the question, does christmas start to early?

It seems to be a big competition between retailers on who starts selling christmas decoration the earliest and with some even starting to sell christmas decorations as early as august and with  Christmas being a time where retailers make lots of money in fact on average british families will spend over £800 on christmas. this just shows the mass amounts of money retailers make during this festive period, but do shops really sell many christmas decorations in august?

Some people say that starting getting ready for christmas in august can mean you have loads of time to prepare for christmas and be super organised, this means you can also get cheaper deals for christmas shopping, than you would in december. yet starting the festive period too early could mean christmas can be less special when the day finally comes. However the majority of people start their preparation for christmas in december and put there decorations up at this time too.