A casual Wednesday in the community of Greenford, a pregnant women, in her late 20s finds herself driving to the shop. However, she looses control of the wheel as she falls unconscious and rams past a garden fence and into a garden. In the process she crashes into a car and leaves serious damges. The community was left in shock as police cars and ambulances sorround this house. However, the main concern was not the fence nor the car, but infact this poor women who is carrying.

The houseowners invite the women in as she waits for the ambulance. Water, tea and warmth is served. We spoke to the father of this family, he commented on his services to the women; "Nonsense, it had to be done, it was not an act of kindness but an act of humanity". Luckily, the women was driven to the hospital and was checked out and both her and her baby are fine. We caught up with her and asked how she felt when this horrifying thing happened, "Honestly, I was scared to death about my baby and her well-being". 

The fence however did not see just gloriful days, the fence is complety demolished aswell as the car. As the car crashed into it, it ran over plants and other living things and did cause damage to the garden. We spoke to the mother of the household about her opinions on this incident. "Of course this was not intentional and what's done is done, we are just happy the women is okay. The fence is replacable, she isn't" It is clear that this small incident has brought terror among the local community. It just goes to show that anything can happen to anyone and you should look at things with a positive attitude, like one of the kids said "the garden is bigger now".

Of course, the fence and car can not stay in this state, and the insurance commanies have been informed and they should be repairing any damage that was caused. A temporary fence has been put in place for saftey reasons. The family should be seeing a new fence in 4-6months. The car owner is not open to questions and therefore we have no update on his situation