The most important reason that Hoover lost the 1932 election was because of how he dealt with the Depression. It was not until 1932 that he accepted there was a major problem but even when he took measures to resolve the crisis, like restarting the economy, they did not work, leaving him disliked by much of the country. The people wanted a change and though Hoover tried to do this, he did not do enough, despite promising that ‘prosperity is just around the corner’.
Another reason is because of the contrast between Hoover and Franklin D. Roosevelt. During Roosevelt’s campaign he promised a ‘New Deal’, policies that would help the country. Though the plans were vague, Americans wanted action, and it was not only his policies that appealed to the people, but also his personality. He radiated warmth and he instilled confidence in his supporters. Hoover lacked leadership and assurance, whereas Roosevelt had them, which is what the people wanted.
A final reason Hoover lost the election was the experiences of the ordinary people during the Depression. They suffered due to lack of jobs and housing, and their attitudes changed. They were angry at the system because workers who had contributed to prosperity during the 1920s, now had to queue up for food at soup kitchens. They blamed the Republicans, who had been in government since 1921, and questioned their ideology, which Hoover shared. The people believed that a different approach was needed, something Hoover couldn’t fulfil.

Overall Hover lost the presidential election of 1932 because of the damage Republican policies had done, experiences of the ordinary people and his opponent. He was disliked by the people, and they would not vote for him.