I’m sure that everyone remembers their first time driving, some people just have that natural skill but for those of us who find even simple tasks a struggle- driving properly seems more impossible than doing well in our GCSE’s or maybe that’s just me.

It occurred on November the 12th, 2017- but the sequence of events was set into motion a long time before this date. On Christmas Day, 2015 this Pandora’s box was given into the hands on an innocent young fool. Her eyes widened with the thought of what she was to receive. Little did she know that propaganda lied.

What was given to that 12-year-old girl, was a present from her aunt who belied that the Young Driver course would make a great present and how thoughtful it was. But the aunt didn’t factor into account, how many lives would be lost, how much fear would be release how many near accidents could have been avoided.

Hopeful and full of great expectations the night before the experience, the now 14-year-old was looking forward to having a ‘potentially life-saving experience … all whilst having the time of your life!’ Oh, yes – that exclamation in the booklet made it all better. As she slept- her joy swept out of her as horrible imaginings of murdered pedestrians and mauled traffic lights crossed her eyes. She woke up in a cold sweat, dreading the event.

But it was all good because it appears that the Young Drivers company realised that teenagers were violent, vicious and unreliable creatures who would run you over on purpose if you angered them- explains why everybody was in a car. However, they also recollected that IT IS NOT SAFE TO DRIVE ON A BUSY ROAD FOR YOUR FIRST TIME BEHIND THE STEERING WHEEL so conveniently enough we were in an empty carpark specifically reserved for the newbies. Unfortunately, the car park was on the top of the building so there was of course the imminent fear of plunging to our deaths but it’s all good.

What happens in the course is that (well I only went to one session but) each time you go, you get assessed (goddam tests are everywhere) and move up a level If you are good enough. Obviously, I began on Level One and there was so much to do. The car was moving without me pressing the accelerator and the instructor just looked at me. That was the point I internally died but before that I had to do the pre-drive checks, learn to steer and stop and realise that the clutch was actually important who knew. Plus, there are three pedals not just two.

Well, I probably have over exaggerated- I was pretty much a pro… in my head. Every time the car stalled or I crashed the car, it was always someone else’s fault. Eventually I got the hang of how to move and stop but then the instructor (Brian) took me into the SNAKE. The most difficult obstacle course I have ever seen in my life- cones everywhere arranged side by side with a narrow path that even a walking being couldn’t fit through and I was expected to navigate a car through. I braced myself determined to complete this challenging task and I did. The instructor had to get out of the car and put all the cones back but it happened! So, the moral is that if you believe you can do and done is better than perfect.

Afterwards my family showed me a video of my driving- I was pretty impressed with my dad’s camera skill. He managed to get me from every angle but every single video was in slo-motion, I wonder how though, his camera doesn’t slow video down. Wait…