Black Friday is the start of Christmas shopping and shopping for yourself. Black Friday is the day following Thanksgiving, which is the fourth Thursday of November.

Just on one day of the year, the UK was set to spend a total of £3 billion during the Black Friday sales, which is an 8% increase from last year. However, £1.4 billion of this was spent on online shopping. So shopping centers and high street stores saw a lot less people than recent years.

I interviewed my mother to find out what she thought about Black Friday and if it is worth going shopping.

Have you ever been shopping on Black Friday?
“No, because I don’t like massive crowds and don’t like shopping when it’s a busy time. However, I do go shopping throughout the week but not on Black Friday as I feel like I am getting the same deals.”

Do you think it is worth going shopping in stores on Black Friday?

No, because the sales are pretty much on a few days before and after Black Friday. Also stock runs out quite fast sometimes.

Do you think it is worth going shopping online on Black Friday?

Yes, because there are lots of deals, no cues and have more availability of stock and sizes. However, I find it hard to navigate around the website.

Do you think there is any point of Cyber Monday?

Of course, because all the electronics are super cheap and you get more than what your money is worth. Sometimes there are also additional sales from Black Friday, saving more money.

Misha Patel

Farringtons School