Elmstead Bantams F.C

The Elmstead Bantams are a local football club that recruits players of both genders U11. This football team is extremely welcoming and accepts each individual for who they are and their love of football is evident from the moment you set eyes upon them.

The coach of this team is Paul Holmes who works brilliantly with the team and never forgets to bribe them with a trip to Prezzo if they win! He organises days out so that the team can have fun with other aspects of their childhood and continue to strengthen their bonds.

He said that he would describe the team as “nice kids” who “try hard” and are “trying to learn”. What more could you want from a football team?

However, this season Elmstead has encountered teams that surpassed all expectations and have narrowly won their games over the Bantams. But because of Paul’s ways, he somehow manages to continually motivate his players by telling them “results aren’t as important as performance”.  Although this quickly changed after they won their most recent match with a score of 5-0.

Nonetheless, it is extremely surprising to know that being a football coach is not Mr Holmes’ main occupation and his commitment to the team often means that “I get away from work earlier than I should” and that’s it is “difficult” to juggle the team with his job.

The team trains on Tuesdays and Saturdays with a match each Sunday, meaning that it is essential that, as described by a member of the team, is “enjoyable” and that being part of this team gave her the opportunity to “make new friends”.

Overall, it is essential to recognise, not only the commitment of the players and coach but their parents who encourage and make sacrifices for the team!

Good luck Bantams for the rest of this year’s season!

Ellie Gray- Eltham Hill School