What do we really expect form Sixth Form? Hard work and a ton of effort? Or where you prepare for you’re A-levels? However, Sixth Form may not be what we thought it would. I caught up with Serena Patel, a slower sixth student at Farringtons School in Chislehurst to try and find out more about Sixth Form and my understanding of it.

How long have you been at this school and what made you stay here?
I’ve been here for seven years and I decided to stay as there are nice people and the teachers are cool.

How are you finding Sixth Form?
Stressful but relaxed as we have more independence because as a sixth former you are allowed more freedom as the school aims to treat us as a responsible young person. But it is hard work to keep up with the pace as studying A levels is on another level from GCSEs.  Yet I have formed more friendships, as we are a tight knit group. At times I feel much older as I m always planning and worrying about performing well. 

Is Sixth Form what you had pictured it to be?
Yes Sixth Form is the most stressful time of my life just as I thought it would be. Now when I think back, GCSE’s were so much easier!

How do you manage your time in Sixth Form?
I try and get any homework and extra studying done during the week because in the weekends I’m usually revising for the random tests that are set.  Sadly I have zero time for a social life and that at times makes me sad but I know it’ll be worth it in the end.

What did you have to do to get into Sixth Form?
I had an interview with the head of the school and sixth form. It was good but nerve-wracking. 

Sixth Form varies across different countries, and some students opt to not go to Sixth Form too. It is a lovely way to end your school life, especially if you’ve been at the same school right from the beginning.

Rhea Patel, Farringtons School