Bromley Police Station surrounded by Britain First Fascists

Racist slurs conflicting with impassioned protests of anti-fascist campaigners hijacked the gentle bustle of Bromley High Street alarming and distressing Saturday morning shoppers.

On Saturday the 4th of November Britain First members assembled to support their notorious leader Paul Golding (35) and deputy leader Jayda Fransen (31).

Members of the political party were protesting because two of their front runners have been charged with causing (collectively) 7 counts of religiously aggravated harassment. They are being prosecuted on the grounds that they were viewed distributing leaflets in the Thanet and Canterbury areas which included offensive terminology and factually incorrect information regarding certain ethnic minorities. The leaflets included islamophobic and xenophobic content. They deny all charges.

Jayda Fransen has an abundant portfolio of racial abuse. She targets the Muslim community and is constantly sparking national outrage on twitter due to her offensive antics; for example, launching a tirade of abuse at Sumayyah Sharpe in front of her young son for wearing a Hijab. This particular episode took place at a Britain First “patrol” of Bury Park in Luton at around 1pm on Saturday January 23.

The far right activists planned to march through Bromley High Street to "show solidarity" for their leaders, but were forbidden from doing so by the police. Stubborn in their task they decided to hold the demonstration outside the Bromley Metropolitan Police Station.

In objection to the “repulsive ideals” (as quoted by one of the anti-racism campaigners) of the ultranationalist political party a plethora of anti-racism and anti-fascism campaigners gathered outside Bromley south train Station holding up signs that read “NEVER AGAIN! No to Nazis” “No to racism” and “protect our children from fascist’s”.

Britain first were seen brandishing dozens of Union Jacks and jeering at the Human rights campaigners who retaliated with chants of “scum” and “off our streets”. One man was arrested on suspicion of possession of an offensive weapon, according to Scotland Yard.

The protest concluded at around half four as the extremists and campaigners trickled away and Bromley High Street returned to its usual Saturday routine. Unfortunately the barbaric and bigoted intolerance of Britain First is still going strong on their Facebook and Twitter accounts, which contain numerous anti Muslim posts.

 Shockingly, Donald Trump President of the United States of America, recently catapulted Britain First into the limelight by retweeting numerous biased posts. These included a video of a Muslim man breaking a Virgin Mary statue, a video that depicted a group of apparent Muslims pushing a boy off a roof, and a video of a boy hitting another boy on crutches. Fransen’s captioned the video “VIDEO: Muslim migrant beats up Dutch boy on crutches”. However the credibility of that footage is suspicious as it has emerged that Dutch police and media never suggested the attacker was a Muslim immigrant.

In a supposedly rights respecting society it is chilling that people like Jayda Fransen and Paul Golding thinks it’s acceptable to commit such vicious and inhumane actions. Let’s hope we can unite to condemn Britain First for the abuse and hate they generate.

By Maria Sharp Langley Park School for Girls