The Barham Park Walkers have shown their resilience and perseverance during winter.

Every week all year round, as many as 30 walkers still attend to keep fit and get fresh air. And around  35 to 45 walkers in the summer, not much of a difference to winter.

Chris Callahan the Brent walk leader, in his nineties, keeps a register of attendees, incidents records and is first aid trained by Brent. He describes his experience as a walker and says that he has been doing "this (the walk) since 2008 ” and says that he became a participator and member when he saw “Brent advertise in the magazine a health walk and I saw this and decided to volunteer.”

The walks covers a large number of people but, mainly consisting of those in retirement age and people “in transition between redundancy and doing something new” as Chris Callahan puts it.

They’re now Looking forward to a Christmas lunch that is to be organised and they still look forward to their weekly having tea, coffee and snacks when they come back from their walks as a well deserved reward.