Folks on one of Europe's busiest streets fled for safety inside stores over fears of a terror attack at oxford circus station-but what really took place?

Scotland yard started receiving multiple 999 calls at around 4.38pm on Friday 24th November, with people stating multiple shots had been fired on oxford street and inside nearby oxford circus station.

The metropolitan police and British Transport Police(BTP) treated the information as a possible terror attack and sent armed officers to the scene, with the first armed response vehicle getting there in less than a minute after the first call.

shoppers were seen running out of the station,many were screaming and their faces were 'ashen',a witness told sky news.

The streets which was thronged with shoppers and tourists as on a usual Friday afternoon , was suddenly empty.

People were ushered into the changing room of shops and main doors were locked, pedestrians took cover in passing taxis and others ran for their lifes.

London Fire Brigade sent three fire engines with 15 firefighters to the scene .

At roughly 5.16pm the Met Police released a statement saying they had been called to "a number of reports of shots fired" and were responding as if the incident was "terrorist-related".

 They told anybody in Oxford street to go into a building and stay inside until instructed and told people travelling to the Oxford street area to turn around.

Various rumours quickly spread via social media, with some saying shots had been fired, while others said there had been a gang fight on the platform at Oxford Circus station.

Several people were hurt and nine were taken to hospital, including one with leg injuries, after panic erupted in the packed station.

There were rumours that a bomb had gone off and some even said thay had seen people who had been shot. 

They released pictures of two men they wish to speak to over the mass evacuation and later tweeted that 21 year old and 40 year old had both attended a police station voluntarily had been involved.

Tannyre Lewis