Wednesday 29th Novemeber saw Lister Community School hit the notes again by performing at their Autumn Concert. There were various acts including the Indiana Jones theme being played by the orchestra, the Star Wars theme played by the jazz band and even a violin solo played by Darius Alecu, a student at the school.

It commenced at 4:30pm, starting with the orchestra who also played the piece 'Music for the Royal Fireworks'. "It was amazing. Seeing all of the students play their instruments and have so much passion," stated a parent that saw the performance.

The two year 7 students hosting the event definately made the mood lively and jolly, sprucing up the performances and jokes that cracked up the audience as well as themselves.

There was also a performance from the Year 7 orchestra and the Senior String octet.

One of the teachers, Mr Kunal Vora, from Lister School commented:

"Autumn concert performed by students. Star Wars medley gets 5 stars...amazing performance...truly enjoyable evening."

This has been one of Lister School's phenomenal music concerts. Throughout the rest of the year, they plan to hold a few more, including its first community opera with other schools in East London.

Sonali Chaggar - Lister Community School