On 27th November 2017 it was announced to the world, that Prince Harry Windsor has proposed to humanitarian and former actress/model Meghan Markle, and plan to marry in spring 2018; making her the first American royal in the UK. Many predicted that the proposal would take place in Botswana, which is where they spent their first holiday together, but in fact he proposed during a typical night in, while the pair were roasting a chicken in their cottage.
When talking to friends about the news, I was told by Lily H Buttery, who lives nearby in Orpington, the following, "I am so happy for both Harry and Meghan as you could see the sheer joy upon both their faces. It`s exciting to see the royal family moving with the times and being joined by an intelligent woman with a fresh outlook on the role of a working royal. " It seemed that everyone was aware of the soon to be newlyweds within a few hours after the announcement. (Good news travels fast!)  Videos have been released of  fans of the royal family, in tears of joy, over the announcement.
All of Harry`s life people had been predicting his future wife, and many presumed she would be a royal or an aristocrat, but that has been proved far from the truth.  The couple told the BBC that they met on a blind date and neither had known much about each other! Prince Harry has spoken out  about meeting Meghan, he stated,  "Beautiful  Ms Markle, just tripped and fell into my life." 
The engagement makes a marvellous change to the dreary and upsetting news we are used to,  I agree with most of the British public in thinking that it is very exciting to witness a new princess joining the royal family, and I look forward to seeing  what she has in-store!

Alisha Howard, Farringtons School.