Are you struggling with Christmas plans, wanting to get outside during the festive season, or not in the mood for Christmas due to the lack of festivity this year? If so, I have the perfect events for you. To make it even better, they’re local! Here in South Norwood, we have plenty of joyous activities in December that are guaranteed to have you wishing it could be Christmas every day! For you and your children, there is a Christmas fair with a treasure hunt on the 10th. Imagine the memories you could make, the fun you could have, and the treasure you could win! Kids can enjoy the hunt, while the adults enjoy the beautiful sight of their children having fun! Starting at Norwood Junction Train Station and finishing at South Norwood Community Centre from 12:00-16:00, it’s local and very easy to get to! Overall, it’s an ideal trip your family will never forget. Secondly, on the 17th at 2:30, ‘It’s A Wonderful Life,’ Will be shown at the Holy Innocents on Selhurst Road. Once again, very easy to get to! Not only that, but the tickets range from £3.50-£9.00 which is a fabulous deal considering there is also a refreshments bar! It’s perfect for any ages and will definitely move anyone who watches it! Whether you’ve never seen the movie before, or can recite every word, not booking these amazingly priced tickets would be a huge mistake! What are you waiting for? Go and book one of these activities before you regret it!  

Poppy Wells

Langley Park School For Girls