Anisa Patel, a fellow student, is part of the Jack Petchey Foundation Achievers Network, who worked in aiding young people develop their personal and life skills, and mentored the next cohort of achievers. I asked her some questions in regards to this, eager to find out more about this rewarding programme.

What is the Jack Petchey Foundation Achievers Network?

It’s a programme to aid young people to develop their personal and life skills, such as leadership and communication. This year, I have had the amazing opportunity to mentor the next cohort of achievers as I was a successful applicant out of 15 others.

What inspired/made you want to be part of it?

The idea of being able to use your skills and talents to engage with the wider world really inspired me to put myself out there and participate in volunteering and activities that would enable me to become an even more mature and independent young woman, if I follow my dreams like Jack Petchey himself encourages us to do.

What benefits do you gain from it?

I have been able to successfully complete over 130 hours of voluntary work over the course of a year, I have further developed my leadership and communication skills when mentoring the 30 current achievers, I am able to speak confidently at events such as award ceremonies, and the table tennis competition, and I have gained an insight into what the Jack Petchey Foundation does and how it supports young people in achieving their goals and aspirations, so I can live by example with a positive influence on those around me.

How did you find out about it and how did you get involved?

Ms Newman, Head of Year 7 at William Perkin CofE High School, advised me to apple for the network, as she is coordinator of the foundation at school, which then gave me the thought of brcoming a youth coordinator for the JPF as it meant I could aid her in running the award scheme and keep her updated about all the wonderful things the foundation does to support young achievers over the course of my two year leadership.

Are you rewarded for your hard work?

We go on a residential trip to Amersham, and we have recently just had a Christmas social in oxygen. At the end of the year, we have an awards ceremony, where we share our experiences through speech and received a certificate signed by Jack Petchey.

Would you advise others to take part in the network?

Yes, as it is an amazing experience for anyone to make a positive change in their lives and use their gifts/talents to excel in achieving their future aspirations.