Christmas is coming up. A time known for enjoying the company of your friends and spending quality time with family. If you’re unsure as to what you should do with your loved ones, then do not despair as at Stanley Hall in South Norwood, there are many events suitable for all ages. No matter the age, everyone has a soft spot for fairy tales. Whether that’s to reminisce on the all the bedtime stories, or to be wishing you were a princess, all age groups can enjoy them. This is why the play ‘Into the woods,’ Being shown at Stanley Hall, is perfect! With all your favourite characters from many classic stories mixed into one, it’s guaranteed to entertain the whole family! Originally a book, musical and eventually made into a film, you have the opportunity to go and see the story everyone is talking about! All your favourites somehow find a way to collide while on their quests, coping with issues, and most importantly, venturing through the woods. Being shown from the 25th-28th of September, 19:30 on Weekdays and at 14:30 on the Saturday, there are showing times suitable for both adults and children that fit around both work schedules and school hours. At the very affordable price of £14.50, there isn’t a justified reason as to why you shouldn’t go! What’s stopping you? Go on their website and book your tickets or go down there now! Make your families day, treat your children, or surprise your friends and go out for a trip you’ll never forget! You won’t regret it!

Poppy Wells

Langley Park School For Girls