A fishmongers in South Norwood? That’s new! Once I heard of the recently opened shop, I went to found out more. The shop, called ‘Fishport,’ has a wide variety of fish. A man who worked there, whose name was Harold, told me his inspirational story of how and why he became a fishmonger and was eagerly informing me of the different fish he sells. Harold chose South Norwood as the area to open his shop due to moving here in December and believing that his perfect target market is here. Not only that, but he knew there was no local fishmongers in South Norwood which he said he had noticed as ‘A gap in the market,’ this made him decide that this neighbourhood was most suitable. When asked about the fish he sells, he said that he sells a lot of tropical fish such as doctor fish, red snappers and parrot fish which along with all his fish, he sources from Billingsgate three times a week. His shop is open from 10:30-7:30. However, depending on customers, he may open until 8 to ensure everyone is happy and has bought what they need. Harold says he will ‘Play it by ear,’ so be sure to keep an eye out if you’re in need of a last minute dinner as you may be in luck! What are you waiting for? Go down there and support Harold’s shop! We can finally enjoy fresh fish for dinner! 

Poppy Wells

Langley Park School For Girls