On the eighteenth of November St Stephens Church (South Dulwich) hosted a Quiz Night. There were a number of rounds including; Music, Current affairs, Geography, English Literature, Sport and History. Bernhard Schunemann (the priest of the church) comically said “In some ways, I dread quiz night, because I never know any of the answers! However, when I do my team won’t trust that it is right so they refuse to write it down and we lose a precious point! So you don’t really want to sit with me at quiz night!”. There were eight tables so therefore eight teams. The prizes were; Best team name, a raffle and who won the over-all quiz. Jessica Ellis, who was in the team that won best team name, said “It taught me a lot about team work.”. Half way through the rounds, the quiz paused and the church wardens arrived with several boxes of warm lovely smelling fish and chips. The Quiz Night has been a part of St Stephens Church tradition for many years and the quiz master Dominic sadly had his last year there this year. Some people found that the “Younger generation liked to kick back and take the questions as they came but the older generation tended to take it more seriously and were more competitive” - Amelie Grover. Mrs Allik, a local artist said; “I feel like quiz nights bring the community together and everyone gains knowledge each time about the subjects as well as each other!”. As the nights are gradually getting darker and colder it is nice to have people together in a warm, cosy environment. The Social Committee made a profit for the church of over six-hundred pounds out of everyone having an amazing time! A member of one of the winning teams said “Honestly one of the greatest Saturday nights I have had in a while!”.