The annual Broadditch Farm's 'Hauntfest' retuned for Halloween 2017 - and this year was set to be more spine-chilling than ever before. The event, which has now been successfully running for over ten years, is located on a family farm in Southfleet, Kent - the Harris family have been farming at Broadditch for over 150 years, and own 500 acres of land, on which they grow fresh produce which is sold in the on-site farm shop.

This year’s blood-curdling Halloween events began on Friday 13th October and ran until the 31st, excluding a handful of weekdays. For the brave souls who dared attend, an evening of pure terror awaited – upon arrival, the thrill-seekers were met by formidable monsters, who, despite the piercing screams and pleading cries, were relentless in their duty to scare the nervous spectators. The terrifying endeavour consisted of five live action horror mazes, with each set offering a completely different experience. Live actors, dressed as nightmarish creatures lurked in every dark corner and never failed to accost terrified visitors – the monsters prowled throughout every queue, resulting in a night of unescapable terror. Night time events ran from 6:30 – 11:00pm. The award-winning Halloween attraction has been the recipient of a SCAR award in both 2014 and 2015, and this year’s petrifying Hauntfest has resulted in yet another win for 2017! Auditions to become a live actor for Broadditch's 'Hauntfest' 2017 were on the 25th and 26th June.

For the faint-hearted, the farm also hosts a variety of daytime events, ideal for younger children and families, as well as petrified adults! Daytime visitors were given the opportunity to experience all five haunts without the added fear of the live actors. The farm also offered a selection of mazes and tours catered for younger children as well as a pumpkin carving workshop, and prices range from £6.00 - £15.00; family tickets were also available to purchase.  Daytime events ran from 10am – 6pm.

Between screams, we asked first time attendee Miss Powell about her experience at 'Hauntfest' 2017, she commented 'Every year I've managed to put off coming, purely because I was too scared, but this year my boyfriend managed to persuade me. It is genuinely like something out of a horror film, the actors are so realistic - which makes it even more creepy! Saying that, I would definitely come back next year.'

Tickets for the event were available to be pre-booked online for a discounted fee or bought on the gate, however online booking was advised to avoid disappointment. Entry Cost was dependent on whether attendees choose a peak or off peak date, as well as how many ‘haunts’ you choose to enter. Off peak prices ranged from £17.00 - £27.00, and peak prices can be anything from £22.00 - £32.00. Unlimited access and fast track passes were also available to purchase. Whatever time you choose to visit, you are guaranteed a night of screams, terror, and perhaps even a few laughs!

Lucy Jackaman, Bexleyheath Academy