The edge is a dance and theatre school based on West Hill, Dartford. I interviewed the owner Emma Killick ISTD to find out more about the school.

The first question I asked was: What is the history of the edge?

“The Edge dance and theatre school was founded in 2007 under the name Kent Stage School. We used to be based at The Mick Jagger centre in Dartford but in 2009 we found out some studios were going up for rent on West Hill. We went to view it and loved it as soon as we walked in.”

How did you come up with the name The Edge?

“We used to be known as Kent Stage School but we decided to change the name to something more fun and young to reflect our teaching style, which is when we sat down and had a brain storm. A few names were mentioned but we came up with The Edge and have been really happy with that name.”

How did you come up with the logo?

“Regarding the logo we wanted something that reflected all aspect of what we are about. So dancing musical notes seemed quite fitting and fun.”

Roughly how many students did you start off with compared to how many you have now?

“When we started The Edge we had roughly 100 students we now have around 200. We feel that doubling our students in just 7 years is a great achievement and are looking to gain even more now we have this amazing studio complex.”

What do you like most about owning a dance studio?

“Teaching is a passion of mine and to be able to pass on my expertise on a daily basis to children is great. I love my job and gain much satisfaction watching my students going on to further their careers by going on to performing arts colleges in London and coming back to The Edge to teach for me. I am lucky I do a job that I love!!”

What do you offer at The Edge?

“At The Edge we offer classes in Ballet, Tap, modern, hip hop, musical theatre and singing.”

For more information on the school contact on 01322 272277 or email on First class is free.

Libby-Mae Dinmore, Dartford Grammar School for Girls