A survey done by the office of national statistics has found that Dartford is the second unhappiest place in the UK. You may ask if this is to do with all the deserted shops surrounding Dartford? Well, yes it may well be. Due to the amount of empty shops in Dartford there are not enough jobs for the population. In fact 14.4% of the 66345 people over 16 in the Dartford borough are unemployed which is a staggering 9554 people out of work.

With the lack of jobs in Dartford the population are unhappy as some of them cannot even afford the necessities of life. This means they are living in poverty. Something we would never wish on our worst enemy. The unemployed of Dartford find it even harder to get jobs as they are in poverty as they are unable to afford the bus fare to go to interviews meaning they can’t get jobs.

Even though you may say the economy is getting better there are still the same amount of uninhabited shops and the same amount of people out of work. Even some of the shops that have been in Dartford are now gone due to the price of rent. Wouldn’t it be nice to walk down the street and not see any shops with closed signs up? I wish it was like that then Dartford  would not be the second unhappiest place in the Uk. I mean look at how many places there are in the UK and we’re the second most unhappiest! Its crazy. If all the shops were open there would be more jobs which means less unemployment and more happiness.

Libby-mae Dinmore, Dartford Grammar School for Girls