Get your carving tools out, because here at Hewitts Farm there are more than enough pumpkins to feast your eyes on!

Hewitts is well-known locally for its range of nutritious, healthy and home-grown produce. Visited frequently by many, including myself, it is a popular location for gardening and farming enthusiasts! On a fixed basis, the family-run farm includes regular activities for all ages of which some include: ‘Pick Your Own’ and ‘Farm Shop’; happenings which really highlight the congeniality of the community.

On a usual visit to Hewitts Farm, there are a wide variety of fruits and vegetables to choose from, together with items ranging from home-made honey to cauliflowers grown at the farm itself. It is these worthwhile and intuitive products, together with events where you indeed do learn something new everyday; that make Hewitts Farm such a wonderful addition to the neighbourhood of Orpington.

However, as we approach the night that ghouls and goblins roam the streets, Hewitts presents a wonderful addition to their collection: pumpkins! These range from large to little; overflowing the huge boxes that they are displayed in.

The traditional ‘Jack-o’-lanterns’ were named after the wonder of strange lights flickering over bogs, called ‘will-o'-the-wisps’. But, in the modern era, pumpkins are carved with grotesque faces to represent spirits or phantoms, rejuvenating an ancient celebration of remembering the departed.

For locals, pumpkin carving this year is no issue, thanks to the amazing assortment exhibited at Hewitts, which will hopefully soon light up the night of Halloween all around Orpington! Halloween ‘trick or treaters’ will be in for a shock when they see these superb but startling faces glowing in the dark…

Sumudi Kumarasinghe

Newstead Wood School