THREE members of the Meapa Gymnastic Club qualified to compete in the National Age Group Championships, held in Guildford.

To have qualified for these championships was a superb achievement as they were competing against the best 9, 10 and 11-year-old girls in Great Britain.

To have finished in the top 15 was outstanding and means that Meapa's trio will have the opportunity of being chosen for the National Under-12 squad,

financed by the World Class Start


In the nine-year-old level 4 category, Annalisa Wrubel finished fifth and

Rebecca Berry 14th.

Bobbie Ross, competing in the 11-year-old level 2 group, also came fifth.

With the combined scores of an earlier grade competitions, Annalisa was fifth and Rebecca 13th in the overall postions in the National Year Group level 4 group.

Bobbie won a silver medal when coming second in the overall level 2 standings.

Then the Meapa Club played host to a training session for the South of Britain under-12 squad with Vladimir Yanev, the national coach and a regular visitor to the club, overseeing.

Bobbie Ross has been in this squad for three years, but for Annalisa Wrubel it was her first time in such high company. But she kept up well with the experienced and talented girls who will be British Internationals of the future.

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