A COACH from Orpington Ojays swimming club has been awarded the Jack Petchey leader award.

Eve Powis, 70, began teaching a width class in the small pool at Orpington swimming club in 1982 before founding Ojays swimming club two years later.

She was awarded the coach of the year award by Bromley Council in 1997 and there are many highlights from her involvement with the sport.

One of her students, Joanne Mullins, won the nationals 100m and 200m breast stroke when she was 12.

Mullins went on to compete at Olympic trials and the 2002 Commonwealth Games.

Another of her proteges is Matt Perkins, who now coaches the platinum squad.

Powis was due to retire at the age of 65 but agreed to carry on and coaches the Orpington Ojays gold squad four times a week.