A boxer from Plumstead has made his professional debut and claims that he started training so he didn’t take the wrong path in life.

Kofi Donker, 29, grew up in gyms watching people box, but didn’t start training until he was 17 years old.

Kofi told News Shopper: “Growing up around Plumstead and Woolwich I saw many things and people taking the wrong path, being close to that just propelled me to train harder and not follow suite.”

On September 15, Kofi made his professional debut at York Hall in Bethnal Green and beat Ivan Godor over four rounds, winning with 39 to 37.

He continued: “South London has a great history and tradition of producing high calibre fighters and I want to emulate that.”

When he is not working, Kofi is a personal training and boxing coach, emphasising that he lives and breaths boxing.

Kofi still lives in Plumstead and in April this year joined a three year management agreement with Goodwin Boxing.