The final team week of the South London & Kent Pool Alliance summer season means its play-off week, where we find out who will be staying in Tier Two and who will be promoted or relegated. 

The promotion play-off was between North Heath Social Club from Tier Two East and Woolwich Wolfpack of Tier Two West. 

Wolfpack’s Paul Dawson gave away two visits early on in the first frame and Ian Stringer performed a magnificent clearance to put North Heath one up. 

Both Akar Necati and Danny Kent had good opportunities to win the second frame but, in the end, Necati triumphed, doubling North heath’s lead. 

Dan Brown controlled the third frame but almost threw it away when he lost position on the black however, Kev Nankoo couldn’t clear his three reds and Brown pulled one back for Wolfpack. 

Alex Biggs was on the verge of tying the match, with a total clearance, but a rush of blood caused him to miss his final yellow. 

Paul Baker then laid a couple of snookers, clawed his way back into the frame and eventually took it to restore his team’s two frame advantage. 

The next frame was billed as the tortoise versus the tortoise, as Brett Crawley took on Trevor Biggs, but the game did not live up to this, finishing in about ten visits, with Crawley making it, 4-1 to North Heath. 

In fact, what made this frame last as long as it did, was the referee taking ages to make a foul snooker decision. 

A superb break from Alex Biggs meant that the break and dish was on and he deposited all of his yellows but melted on the black and ‘old faithful’ Stringer cleared up, after gaining two visits. 

Another great break in frame seven, this time from Necati and the break and dish was on again. 

Necati pulled out some stunning positional shots, especially from his final yellow onto the black to give him the break and dish and leave his side needing just two more frames for victory. 

Wolfpack looked to their only winner so far, Dan Brown to rescue their chances and he really should have made it two out of two but lost position on the black however, he made a good effort in doubling it the length of the table and jawing it in the bottom right corner pocket. 

This let in Harry Lear, who pocketed his two remaining reds, one in each middle pocket and finished on the nicely positioned black, putting North Heath on the hill. 

A tactical battle ensued in the most hard-fought frame of the night between Scott Reeves and North Heath Captain, Paul Baker and it was Baker who had a little more nous than the youngster Reeves, taking the frame to give his side the, 8-1 triumph. 

North Heath were in imperious form and thoroughly deserved their victory and promotion to the SLKPA Elite League next summer season. 

Tier Two East’s Eltham Terrace Rack Pack met Fox & Hounds from Tier Two West in the relegation play-off to see who would be staying in Tier Two and who would be dropping to Tier Three. 

The match started nervously, as Alex Dobbins beat Neil Shelton in a scrappy affair to give Rack Pack a, 1-0 lead. 

Tony Frost made light work of Glen Ward, punishing his mistakes to double his team’s lead. 

Alan Dolan pulled one back for Fox in a tight frame against Steve Unwin but Ernie Wellhausen and Chris Parlett extended Rack Pack’s lead to, 4-1 by the end of the first set. 

Tom Wyatt played some good shots but Wellhausen was just too strong, making it, 5-1 to Rack Pack. 

Unwin looked to gain revenge over Dolan as they met again in the second set however, Dolan had other ideas, making it two out of two on the night, to bring his team back to, 5-2. 

Les Ryan had his chances against Frost, who remained ice cool to give him his second win of the night and make the score, 6-2 overall. 

Parlett faced Kerry Wyatt for the second time and he won their personal battle to leave his team within one frame of victory. 

Dobbins met Clive Forrest in the tenth frame and the clearance was on for Dobbins but in a cruel twist of fate a ball cleanly cannoned into the black, which travelled a third of the table ending in the bottom right pocket, giving Forrest the frame. 

So, it was, 7-3 going into the final set and Wellhausen didn’t give Shelton much of a chance in frame eleven, performing a lovely clearance for his hat-trick and his team’s, 8-3 victory. 

Fox & Hounds drop to Tier Three next summer season, whereas Rack Pack’s triumph means they will continue playing Tier Two pool, making it a double victory for the teams from Tier Two East. 

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