Only two matches in the South London & Kent Pool Alliance survived the weather this week, with one match in particular having a significant bearing on the Premier Division relegation places.

Sitting in ninth were Hustlers B and they played fourth placed Eltham Terrace Club A, who took an early, 2-0 lead but Hustlers were fighting for their Premiership status and won seven of the next eight frames, for a, 7-3 lead going into the final set.

They went on to take the last set, 3-2 for an overall, 10-5 triumph to lift them one place in the table to the relegation play-off spot, pushing sister team, Hustlers Simply Lovleh into the relegation quagmire in the process.

Hustlers really made the most of their opportunities, none more so than Paul Dawson, Dan Brown and Alex Biggs, who all scored unbeaten hat-tricks, as did Dan Heinink for Terrace.

With all the weather disruption Terrace also managed to rise one place into third, however almost all of the other teams around them have a game in hand.

Two of the teams that don’t are Eltham Terrace Nuthouse and Pickwick, who also braved the weather this week.

Nuthouse raced into a, 2-0 lead but Pickwick brought it back to two all, before Louis Wilbourne gave Nuthouse the edge in the set.

Pickwick wished they hadn’t made the trip, after being whitewashed in the second set to give Nuthouse the match before the third set.

You would have thought this would have demoralised the Pickwick, but they took the last set by four frames to one, to make the score a much more respectable, 9-6 in Nuthouse’ favour.

Joining Wilbourne on an unbeaten brace were Craig Jones and Dave Sparey, with Shane O’Reilly winning two frames as well but he also lost one.

This win almost guarantees Nuthouse Premier League pool next winter season, although they are not yet mathematically safe in fifth.

Despite only being one place and nine points behind their opponents, Pickwick still have an anxious week or so, only being seven, eight and ten points ahead of the teams below them and two of them have a game to catch up.

Next week should see the last league games of the season but there are three matches in the Premier Division to catch up on, as well as the League Cup, so expect a bumper report next week.  

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