MEMBERS of the MyFootballClub website are expected to begin approving a deal today to purchase a 75 per cent controlling stake in Ebbsfleet United.

The historic takeover, which will see 27,000 members given a say in the running of the Conference play-off chasers, will go ahead for £635,000 once a ballot has been completed next week.

MyFootballClub members will have two votes, with one to approve the takeover and the other whether or not to back head coach Liam Daish in his planned January transfer window activity.

The ballot will be open for a week and it is anticipated both proposals will receive a ringing endorsement from the website's membership.

Will Brooks from MyFootballClub said: "We are confident of an overwhelming yes vote.

"Over the past two months, members have been incredibly enthusiastic about Ebbsfleet United.

"We believe it will be the first website-community takeover its kind in the world, not only in football but in any industry."

Ebbsfleet head coach Daish added: "I'm pleased this limbo period is coming to an end as it can be unsettling. We're all excited about strengthening the club together and pushing on."

The initial announcement of the deal in November revealed MyFootballClub planned to purchase a 51 per cent stake, although Fleet director Brian Kilcullen told News Shopper there was nothing surprising about their desire to increase this to 75 per cent.

Mr Kilcullen explained: "Nothing was set in stone. We knew they wanted a minimum of 51 per cent and the idea was it would be 51 and upwards.

"We've agreed a deal which we feel is very favourable to our shareholders and on this basis we feel it would be ideal to give MyFootballClub 75 per cent.

"I'm never completely happy until everything has been done and dusted, but all the indicators are there is a very good chance of this going through.

"Ebbsfleet United can then look forward to a bright, exciting and prosperous future."